Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend Road Trip- Mansfield, OH

This weekend we ended up in Mansfield, Oh. We'll call it a roadtrip entry. We toured the Ohio State Reformatory. It's where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed.
The prison was scheduled to be demolished in 1993, but even as demolition began the Mansfield historical preservation society made an effort to save the prison. They did manage to save most of the property including the reformatory it's self. Some info on the reformatory.
It was built in 1886, and it's the worlds largest free standing steel cell block. There is tons of Photos here. Check it out. Below is a link to the website for the prison and directions.

OSR Website


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Industrial district/ Fellows Riverside Gardens

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon we went to downtown Youngstown to take photos of old buildings- evidence of the booming Steel industry that once was. Afterwards we headed to Fellows Riverside Gardens. We began in the Education and Visitor Center, where we dicovered a display of unique flower arrangements. Next we wandered through the art gallery and discovered interesting landscape photos by Pat and John Hyland. They were printed on canvas and many people making their way through the gallery questioned whether they were photos or paintings. The photos will be on display in Weller Gallery through July 30th. If you love nature, stop by and take a look.

Heading back outside, we found there was music in the gazebo and folks gathered on the green area. Nervous grooms and glowing brides were everywhere being followed by bridal parties in a fantastic array of colorful gowns and tuxedos. Photographers were taking advantage of the park's beautiful backdrop to take pictures of the newlyweds.

It was a beautiful summer day, filled with people making happy memories, and an excellent opportunity for taking photos. If you're looking for something different to do, take an afternoon to visit the Gardens.

You can view all of our pictures from the day here

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A nice place to spend a weekend...

Ok, for my first post I will review Berlin Resivore campgrounds. Now, I am talking about the Army corps of engineers run park. Its located on Bedel rd. Just off rt. 224 in Berlin Center, Oh. Me and my wife stayed there over the weekend. The park is a nice inexpensive getaway. There is fishing and swimming in the resivore. If you are lucky enough to have a boat then you have it made. There is a launch in the park. If not, they can be rented. The campsites are decent sized and firewood is not impossible to come by. If you are not the lumberjack type it can be purchased very cheaply at a place on 224. Right before you come to the large red barn with the mail pouch sign painted on the side, there is a small sign on the left side of the road that says firewood $2.00. No joke, two bucks for a bundle of wood. I spend 8 bucks on wood and was good for three nights.
For the kids there is Noah's Lost Ark just down the road from the park. This place is amazing. I can't say enough about the people who run this place. They take in abused and abandoned animals and care for them. There were two bears, prob. twelve tigers and a few lions amongst about 50 other animals. It is $6.50 per person, and only $3.00 for a bucket of feed. We couldn't even use the whole bucket and gave most of it away to some kids. Overall though It is a must see.
Finally for the moms there is the Circle restaurant in Deerfield. This is a nice place to go grab coffee on Sunday morning. The people are great, the food is amazing and the prices are great. My wife and I at for only e$8.00. Don't forget to get there early b/c they fill up fast.
When you are done walk it off across the street at the eBay Trash and Treasures store. They have a little bit of everything there and if anything it'll bring back a memory or two. Don't forget to ask about the "bike in tree" display. Its pretty neat.
Well that's about all I have this week. Next week I will try to get another review for you.
Billy Barth

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting Started

First off a little about me. My name is Billy Barth. I am a student at Ysu. The purpose of this blog is to let everyone know of the "gems" that this valley has to offer. I will try to write a new article every other week or so depending on my schedule. Comments are welcomed and encouraged. I am also looking for others who would like to submit an article for posting. I need all the support I can get.


Billy Barth